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Wellbeing Microgrants fund short term action for big impact.


Explore some of our findings below from past Microgrant leaders, including example project outcomes.

Following are prompt questions that help define wellbeing and its dimensions through the projects selected:
The dimensions of wellbeing are listed below, with questions to help prompt ideas for your Microgrant project:

Wellbeing Dimensions


Economic Opportunity


Place & Planet


How might I improve the sense of community & connection in my neighborhood?

What entrepreneurial skills or ideas can I bring to my community? 

What can I do to promote the mental & physical health of my neighbors?

What action can I take in my community to promote sustainable habits, reduce waste or make it a more thriving place to be?

How can I share my skills and knowledge? Or, what learning gaps do I see in my community that I could help address?

Knowledge Growth Deep Dive:
3D Modelling Lab Project

Screenshot 2021-09-22 163528_edited.jpg
IMG_1922 (1)_edited.jpg

First Class:


48% estimated their 3D modelling skills as very low (score of 1)



52% of class was not confident using the software program OnShape, 43% fairly confident

Last Class:


3D modeling skills: 25% scored 7-8, and 13% rated 6, 9,10 (very high)


Class ranged from fairly confident to very confident using OnShape




Gabriela P_2-min.PNG

"My business inspires my friends and my community. If I see more youth helping themselves and their community, then I will know that I am making a difference. I am creating a positive movement uplifting a historically underserved neighborhood!"

Gabriela Paniagua

Empower Santa Monica through Youth Entrepreneurship

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