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Please inquire with our team at to apply.


We're trying something new, so applications are by invitation this time around!

Please reach out to us to start the conversation.

We are accepting applications, by invitation only, now through July 21!


What are Wellbeing Microgrants?

The Santa Monica Bay Area Human Relations Council (HRC) is committed to creating equitable opportunities for community members to develop their leadership skills and advance community wellbeing for all. Wellbeing Microgrants empower residents as leaders in that effort.


To this end, the HRC awards microgrants of up to $500 to individuals who want to implement ideas that focus on small-scale action to improve community wellbeing.


This round, Microgrant leaders will channel their creativity by hosting community dialogue sessions at an upcoming event of the HRC, Countering Truth Decay: A Community Conversation.

Countering Truth Decay Event

Countering Truth Decay is a community-led conversation about the impacts of misinformation on local issues, & what we can do about it. The HRC is addressing the urgent issue of the declining role of fact-based information in American life - in an election year, and on the 23rd anniversary of 9/11. This event will provide a channel for creative, thoughtful engagement on a pressing national issue.


  • A keynote speaker will provide scaffolding & context.

  • Microgrant leaders will design & lead engaging, interactive workshop breakouts.

Application Evaluation Criteria

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