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Wellbeing Microgrants engage people of all ages in Santa Monica and the West LA area looking to make a positive change in their community.


Designed to empower local leadership, we provide up to $500 and support from our team to bring to life ideas for small scale action to improve community wellbeing.

Applications are now closed!


Application Process




Applications are screened to determine if they are complete and meet all guidelines.



Applications are evaluated by external reviewers.


Applications that best meet the criteria are considered for funding.



The project team considers the evaluation feedback, available funds, & the mix of ideas for final selection.

All applicants will be notified via email.

What Does "Wellbeing" Mean?

The dimensions of wellbeing are listed below, with questions to help prompt ideas for your Microgrant project:


How might I improve the sense of community & connection in my neighborhood?

Economic Opportunity

What entrepreneurial skills or ideas can I bring to my community? 


What can I do to promote the mental & physical health of my neighbors?

Place & Planet

What action can I take in my community to promote sustainable habits, reduce waste or make it a more thriving place to be?


How can I share my skills and knowledge? Or, what learning gaps do I see in my community that I could help address?

Evaluation Criteria

 Applications are evaluated based on the following:


  • Applications must be complete & submitted by the deadline.

  • Individuals only (Non-profits, existing businesses & other entities are not eligible).

  • All funds granted must be used solely for the stated project.

  • No more than one Microgrant will be awarded to one project (funds cannot be pooled).

  • Funds cannot be used for religious or political activities (including political campaigns, rallies or fundraisers).

  • Projects must not alter or permanently affect any public or private space without expressed written consent of the owner of the space.

  • Project applicant is responsible for compliance with all IRS regulations.


Program Timeline

Key dates for the current round of Wellbeing Microgrants can be found here!

July 24

308C6149-3BF0-45D5-B71B-EF31B8B06466_1_105_c (1).jpeg

Microgrant project applications open

August 19 + 21

308C6149-3BF0-45D5-B71B-EF31B8B06466_1_105_c (1).jpeg

In-person and virtual

application help sessions

August 25


Applications close

September 8

Copy of loriah and Melissa 2_edited.jpg

New project leaders awarded

September 11

September 11-15

Copy of Sofia3.JPG

Project leader orientations


Projects begin! See calendar below for dates and to participate.

September 16


Project leader celebration

September - November

image (7).jpg

Projects are underway: Workshop offerings and office hours for leaders.

November 26


Project Period Ends

December 1

IMG_1256 (1).JPG

Leaders submit final reports

December 4


Commendations ceremony for leaders

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