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What Does "Wellbeing" Mean?

Following are prompt questions that help define wellbeing and its dimensions through the projects selected:
The dimensions of wellbeing are listed below, with questions to help prompt ideas for your Microgrant project:


Economic Opportunity


Place & Planet


How might I improve the sense of community & connection in my neighborhood?

What entrepreneurial skills or ideas can I bring to my community? 

What can I do to promote the mental & physical health of my neighbors?

What action can I take in my community to promote sustainable habits, reduce waste or make it a more thriving place to be?

How can I share my skills and knowledge? Or, what learning gaps do I see in my community that I could help address?

The dimensions of wellbeing are listed below with questions to help prompt ideas for your Microgrant project:

When are microgrants applications open?

Applications will be open soon.

Currently we are seeking for funding partners to help us finance the wellbeing projects.


Wamt to sponsor a wellbeing project?

What are the wellbeing microgrants?

Wellbeing Microgrants engage people of all ages in Santa Monica and the West LA area looking to make a positive change in their community.


Designed to empower local leadership, we provide up to $500 and support from our team to bring to life ideas for small scale action to improve community wellbeing.


  • Applications must be complete & submitted by the deadline.

  • Individuals only (Non-profits, existing businesses & other entities are not eligible).

  • All funds granted must be used solely for the stated project.

  • No more than one Microgrant will be awarded to one project (funds cannot be pooled).

  • Funds cannot be used for religious or political activities (including political campaigns, rallies or fundraisers).

  • Projects must not alter or permanently affect any public or private space without expressed written consent of the owner of the space.

  • Project applicant is responsible for compliance with all IRS regulations.

How are wellbeing projects evaluated?

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