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Round 9 

September - November 2023

The following12 projects are bringing communities together in spaces of learning. They supported their participants in deepening our understanding of and connection to our friends, neighbors, communities, and ourselves.


Resilience for Health and Healing Practitioners

November 21st, 2023

- Diana Cantu-Reyna

A one-day event which directly supports the mental, physical, and spiritual health of care providers and community healers. They learn about the practical tools to deregulate the nervous system and tone the vagus nerve, while engaging in nuanced discussions that question and challenge how modern medicine approaches community health. It helps to unpack ideas and concepts around mental health imbalances, such as “burnout” and “compassion fatigue” to then explore the decolonization of health and wellbeing for a collective liberation.



October 27th, 2023

Lina Cordero-Suarez

The initiative will provide pro-rated design services to businesses that are struggling financially. We believe in the impact good design can have in the success of a business and our mission is to help small entrepreneurs so that they are able to scale. Through the project they will offer workshops to teach entrepreneurs the importance of branding for their small business and will be granted technical assistance to support their learning. 

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Community dialogues on houselessness

November 2023

Rebecca Cannara

The issues that unhoused Santa Monica residents face span from social isolation and health to economic challenges. The dialogues aim to build community investment in these important neighbors by fostering a respectful, inclusive learning environment for everyone in the room. We aim to foster meaningful actions and collaborations amongst participants and carry our learnings to city officials.


Grow with Microbes: A Santa Monica Soil

November 11th, 2023

Project -Jane Monteagle

Through this project it aims to bridge the knowledge gap between the public and the vital world of soil microbes, which play a foundational role in our food ecosystem. The project's objectives are twofold educational outreach by employing targeted educational campaigns, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations, we will educate the community about the existence of soil microbes; and microbe-rich compost distribution to translate this awareness into tangible action.



Every Thursday, starting October 12th, 2023

- Lourdes Mendoza

Through a series of classes, people will learn a new skill that could help them to generate money through saving on tailoring expenses and tailoring other people’s clothes. For Lourdes Mendoza, it is important to offer a place of learning where each participant can carry out their dream through this skill.




- Joe Clarke

The film explores the lives of three talented individuals who are struggling and facing the challenges of homelessness. Through their diverse experiences and perspectives, the film highlights issues around poverty, mental illness, and systemic inequality. "Homeys" has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the struggles faced by unhoused individuals, and for its nuanced and compassionate storytelling.


Senior Storytelling Workshop

November 3rd, 2023

Ralinda Harvey Smith

The project will consist of two listening sessions that include seniors talking about life and aging as well Seniors are featured as they discuss the core topics of life and aging. The project is designed to give a voice to and celebrate seniors in surrounding communities, a population that is often overlooked and devalued.


LA Youth People and Press


Taryn O’Day

The blog aims to connect student journalists across the Los Angeles area and immerse them in a community of writers. Through the blog students will learn about issues affecting their community and world today. They will also be trained in the art of journalistic writing and publication.


Santa Monica Pirate Puzzle Hunt

November 4-12th, 2023

Rebecca Bijur and Alissa Bizzul

Santa Monica Puzzles and Pirates supports the community by bringing together families; it supports health and the planet by getting us moving outside for about a 1-mile trail or path; and it supports learning by engaging curiosity and playfulness through word puzzles, riddles, and games.


Community Garden at AVCHS


- Cindy Argueta

Accessing fresh organic produce while highly processed food is readily available, can be difficult in Los Angeles. Community Garden at AVCHS (Animo Venice Charter High School) will  beautify the landscape of the school and will have fresh produce available. In the long run, it will promote healthier lifestyles while creating a stronger bond among students and the surrounding community. 


A Good Beginning for Child Wellbeing

Every Tuesday, starting October 17th, 2023

- Eileen Escarce and Alexis Higginbotham


The goal is the continuation of the pilot project in which expectant parents learned mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, and gratitude journaling, as well as reading their newborn cues with a discussion based on the Braselton Newborn Behavioral Observation. Now, as new parents, the intention is to teach parenting techniques to bond with their newborns. In partnership with WINLA, the project will also provide free maternity/baby essentials and hopefully set up a parent/baby group at Harvest Home LA which has homes for homeless mothers in Venice and the Pico/Robertson area.

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Interfaith Peace Gathering

November 5th, 2023

- Council Brandon and Matthew Taghizadeh 


Local residents will gather to connect with their own sense of well-being to then inspire an elevated conversation by building meaningful interpersonal connections. Interfaith Peace Gathering will provide a calm, centering space to meditate and offer some reflections on what peace and community-building means, and how we can take actionable steps towards creating a harmonious and supportive community.

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