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When Microgrants are Underway, Community is Activated!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Rene sits at a desk in a Santa Monica apartment building common area. She is registering voters.

Meanwhile, Alemu knocks on doors of another residential building, canvassing to encourage fellow members of the local Ethiopian community to get informed and to vote at the local and national levels.

Weeks later, Lizeth prepares two cameras - her webcam angled at her face, her phone propped up above her desk to show her hands as she demonstrates to a zoom class how to sew cloth face masks.

Meanwhile, Rebecca hands out 155 solar powered phone chargers to unhoused people on Veterans Row in Brentwood, a need identified through community dialogue.

Willa knits prayer shawls and sends them to those who have lost loved ones to COVID.

The pandemic is still quite fresh during these projects which all took place in October 2020, and these leaders along with eight others stepped up to make a difference in their communities. And they made a serious impact.

Microgrant projects are limited only by each of our imaginations and capacities. Which is to say - the sky is the limit!

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