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Why Wellbeing is About So Much More than Mental Health

At Civic Wellbeing Partners, we define wellbeing across many dimensions of life: place & planet, learning, health, economic opportunity, community, and outlook.

Research on wellbeing shows us that all of these dimensions together provide the conditions for community wellbeing. By taking a wider view of the conditions that surround us, we can better understand and predict individual outcomes.

We lead multifaceted lives.

Wellbeing is determined by access to lifelong educational opportunities, quality of community cohesion and social capital, and the health of our environment. It's determined by the economic opportunities and inequality present in a community. It's determined by quality of healthcare and mental health services. And it's driven by individual outlook and perceptions.

Mental Health is just one piece of the puzzle.

Because we define wellbeing broadly, we understand that it can feel difficult to address. But by thinking across systems with the goal of improving outcomes for all people and a healthy planet, we believe we can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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