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What are Wellbeing Microgrants? An FAQ Guide

What is a Wellbeing Microgrant?

A microgrant is a small sum of money, in this case $500, given out to an individual for the purpose of supporting a community project.

Who is eligible for the microgrants?

While we are based in Santa Monica and focus our work in this area, residents of the general Westside Los Angeles area are eligible to apply.


Apply early, and attend a help session to get the most support with your application from our team!

Where do microgrant projects take place?

We encourage applicants to submit projects that take place in the Santa Monica bay area

I am a student with a great idea. Can I apply for a microgrant?

Yes, we would love to have students participate! If you are under 18 then you need to have someone over 18 also included as a contact on your application.

How many microgrants will be given out?

We are learning right along with the community, and the number of grants may change based on how many applications we receive. Typically, we fund up to 15 microgrants per round.

How will you pick who gets awarded a microgrant?

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of local community leaders. Check out the sections on Review Process and Evaluation Criteria in the application to see exactly how this process will work.

How do I know if my idea is appropriate for a microgrant?

You can come to a help session and discuss it with one of our team members. You can also reach out to to answer any questions.

How can I apply?

You can apply by filling out an application on our website

How can I apply if I do not have access to a computer?

You can pick up a hard copy of the application at the Virginia Avenue Park office. If you need help on your application (hard copy or digital), attend one of our help sessions.

How can I apply if English is not my first language?

The online application is in both English and Spanish. Hard copies of the application in Spanish are also available at the Virginia Avenue Park office.

How will I find out if I am chosen to receive a microgrant?

You will receive an email or phone call directly letting you know if you received a microgrant.

How will I receive the money?

You will need to attend our mandatory grantee orientation to receive your microgrant funds.

Why are you using the platform CityGrows and why do I need to make an account for my online application?

We are using CityGrows because it is a new and innovative platform that helps local governments save time, increase communication with constituents, and improve transparency and public access to information. Also, CityGrows won the first round of Hack the Beach (The City of Santa Monica’s Tech & Civic Innovation Competition) and are a success story of what the public and private sector can do together. Your account will be linked to your email address and a password. This will let you return and access your application to check on your status or update your responses prior to the application deadline.

Will there be another chance to apply for a microgrant?

Yes! With this round, we are continuing to test out another way that microgrants can support community led projects and learning the best ways to use them. We hope to continue the program into the future. We are on track to support a round of microgrants every nine to twelve months.

Additional Info

Please remember that we are learning right along with you. If you have any feedback or something doesn’t work as expected let us know! Your feedback will help us improve for next time. Please send any questions, comments or feedback to

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