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Ending Social Isolation, One Microgrant at a Time

At the recent Coalition to End Social Isolation & Loneliness Action Forum, Microgrant leaders shared how they are making a difference on issues of social isolation and loneliness.

Civic Wellbeing Partners is committed to action on social connection through our local, national, and international work. Locally, the wellbeing microgrants support short-term action for community wellbeing.

At the Action Forum, Microgrant leaders shared their statements of commitment to addressing this important issue.

Dani Lunn shared how her Deep Listening project "expands awareness and calms the nervous system to cultivate a spirit of collaboration."

Big Talk for the Community, Kalina Silverman's project, "inspires and moves people to skip the small talk and make more meaningful connections," while Eileen Escarce's Good Beginning for Child Wellbeing "brings together expectant parents to learn evidence-based practices to read their babies' cues."

Michael Goldstrom's Get Motivated Buddies uses "shared behaviors and positive reinforcement to create meaningful relationships."

Lizeth's project, Make Your Own Cloth Face Mask for COVID-19, provided "learning opportunities, affordable and sustainable ways of accessing masks, and providing language accessibility in English and Spanish."

Rebecca Cannara's Universal Human Rights Initiative "brought solar powered chargers to unhoused neighbors in Santa Monica to build bridges between housed and unhoused folks, and to support people when the libraries were closed and other charging capabilities disappeared."

These leaders and dozens of other Microgrant leaders like them are all doing their part to address loneliness in Santa Monica.

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